Exploring Amsterdam



Things to Do

Anne Frank Huis

I’ll let you in on a secret, if you plan on visiting any of the museums in Amsterdam book online before you go, that way you can avoid the long queues leaving you with heaps more time for other sightseeing activities on your list.

The Anne Frank Huis is not to be missed, there’s just something so powerful about seeing the secret annexe for yourself. Climbing up the steep narrow staircases into the tight space the Frank family were confined in and glancing upon the crisp pages of Anne’s diary really put things into perspective. I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear or two.

Canal Cruise

If you’re planning a short stay in Amsterdam I would definitely recommend going on a canal cruise. This is the quickest way to see all that the city has to offer and learn a little history too.

Our guide was fantastic! Not only did he provide us with some much-needed sun cream but he also gave us humorous anecdotes about Amsterdam’s wonky buildings and how The Bulldog chain of coffee shops got its name.

Virtual Reality Cinema

This futuristic attraction is a real crowd pleaser come rain or shine! With the help of a trusty swivel chair and some fancy headgear, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the busy Amsterdam streets and step into another realm. Trek through dense jungles, swim with dolphins or (if you’re brave enough) battle monsters with a 360 degree perspective that’s so realistic it’s sure to make your hairs stand on end.

With several packages to choose from, the virtual reality cinema has something for everyone. I only wish that I was brave enough to try the Horror genre.

The Nine Streets

Described by the New York Times as Amsterdam’s best shopping hub, the Nine Streets are a charming collection of vintage shops, designer boutiques, gift shops and quaint cafes.

Make sure that there’s plenty of room in your suitcase because you’re going to need it! In every shop I visited there would always be something that would catch my eye and make me question my luggage allowance. I could have easily spent a fortune.


Places to Eat


One of the best places to grab a bite whilst admiring your sun-kissed surroundings is the terrace at Metropolitain. Smack bang in the middle of town, this is the perfect place for a spot of people watching. Just sit back, relax and let the freckles dance over the bridge of your nose.


There’s no better excuse than “I’m on my holidays” to indulge and Amsterdam certainly makes it easy for you. The Foodhallen offers a vast selection of tasty treats from the mouth-watering hot dogs at Bulls and Dogs to a juicy burger from The Butcher (the best my boyfriend has ever tasted – apparently) there’s just so much to choose from, so grab a fork and dig in!

CT Coffee and Coconuts

A visit to CT Coffee and Coconuts is worth it for their Pinterest worthy interiors alone. It’s the perfect place to grab a Latte and get lost in a good book. Check out their toilet doors for a very childish giggle and sample a chocolate brownie because they are simply sublime!

Mook Pancakes

If you follow my Instagram page you will know about my mild… who am I kidding? Make that ridiculous obsession with pancakes.

Mook Pancakes certainly didn’t disappoint. The fluffy pancakes oozing with maple syrup provided me with the perfect fuel for a day wandering around the picturesque canals of the Dam. But not only that, I really enjoyed their atmosphere too. Who doesn’t want to tuck into pancakes whilst listening to hip-hop music? – particularly Biggie Smalls.



Is Amsterdam on your bucket list? Feel free to leave your own suggestions of Amsterdam’s hotspots in the comments below.

Chloe x


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