DIY Wire Memo Board


You know me; I’m all about a bargain. Why should you pay an absolute fortune for something when you can create your own for the fraction of the price? Bag yourself a steal with this cheeky DIY memo board.

You will need

I picked up my wire garden mesh from B&Q for just under £10. I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted it online and realised that I could customise it by painting it my favourite shade. (Top tip: this wire is often used for climbing plants so it isn’t perfect in appearance, pop into store and select the best one of the bunch with the straightest edges.)

Apply a thin layer of metallic paint on the mesh and leave to dry. There’s no need to paint the back of the mesh because it will be fixed to the wall but don’t forget to paint the nooks and crannies that will be seen when you admire the memo board from all angles of your room.

You could be nifty and use spray paint to give an even finish. I am limited to a small workspace in my kitchen rather than outdoors, so this wasn’t an option for me – roll on moving day!

Once the first coat of paint has dried, you may want to apply another coat to cover any areas you may have missed. It’s important to use a thin layer to stop the paint from dripping.

After my memo board had completely dried, I used heavy books to weigh down the edges making sure that it would be flat enough to fix to the wall.

When your mesh has been flattened it’s ready to hang on the wall. Place a nail in each corner making sure that the mesh isn’t firmly attached to the surface; you will need a little breathing room for your pegs and bulldog clips to be attached.

Now for the fun part – go nuts! Add layers of magazine clippings, postcards and photographs – whatever takes your fancy. The beauty of having a memo board is that when you are feeling uninspired by your decorations you can switch them with something more interesting, it’s completely interchangeable.

So there you have it, a thrifty and beautiful DIY that won’t break the bank. Will you be giving this a go?

Chloe xx




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