Date Night on a Budget

Holidays don’t half eat into your budget! Sacrifices have to be made and there will be no more wining and dining- at least for a little while. However, date night can still be as romantic as ever!

I purchased this gorgeous picnic set in the sale from BHS and I couldn’t wait to use it. But with dark clouds looming over Manchester I decided to take our picnic indoors.

After picking up a few treats it was time to transform my living room into a cosy picnic area complete with jam jar glasses and popcorn holders. Home Bargains is an absolute god send, I picked up these finishing touches for less than a pound each!

Once the scones were prepared, all there was left to do was dig in and whack Netflix on.

It’s nice to do something a little different. We have recently been playing drinking games based on programmes we are watching like ‘An Idiot Abroad’. You can find a drinking game for pretty much anything nowadays, just Google it and let the hilarity ensue.

For our next date night, I really want to make a fort with lots of fairy lights and candles- battery powered of course, because that would be a disaster waiting to happen!

I would love a little more inspiration, so if you have any ideas for date nights send them my way.

Chloe xx

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