Las Vegas- The Fremont Experience





I love American people they are always so animated even in their 9 to 5 roles they seem so cheery, trying to flog club tickets and getting shunned by passers-by. I loved dipping into conversations from street sellers “Excuse me sir, is this your girl? No?! Why the hell not! I see sexy, a whole lotta sex-ay” but my favourite character of all was our bus driver.

We decided to venture to the opposite side of the strip to visit Fremont Street which was a trek and the most feasible option seemed like a bus journey. We were pretty impressed with the rate of $8 for a 24-hour pass, but our bus driver was something else.

He would occasionally holler over the intercom about different landmarks of significance and warn standing passengers with his catch phrase “HOLDUP! Rolling the Deuce”, his gruff tones reminded me of a character from Monsters Inc. The journey was a bewildering experience and it was a welcome change from bus drivers in the UK grunting at me for not having the correct change.

We eventually arrived at Fremont Street and I was in my element photographing the neon signs and listening to buskers play jazz.

The main attraction is the light show that covers the ceiling of the archway over the length of the street. It’s made up of millions light bulbs producing 65,536 colour combinations. I’m sure it’s a spectacle! Unfortunately, we made the mistake of visiting during the day so we didn’t get to see it.

I also would have liked to see Vegas Vic and Vegas Vicky in all of their glory. The giant cowboy and cowgirl neon signs were legally married in 1994 during Fremont’s construction. Only in Vegas!

Another attraction was Slotzilla a 12-story-high zip liner in the shape of a slot machine. It was pretty funny hearing people giggling above you, soaring like superman at speeds of up to 35 mph.







The Fremont experience was a completely different vibe to the Las Vegas strip and I want to be completely honest, I didn’t feel very safe. There were a few sketchy looking characters around so I would recommend leaving your valuables back at the hotel or keeping a very close eye on them.

Regardless, downtown Las Vegas is a must see. You need to experience where it all began! I got some really interesting photos that I am excited to display all over the flat.

Have you ever visited Fremont Street? What did you make of it?

I will be writing more about Vegas very soon, there’s just so much to see.

Chloe xx

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