Homeware Wish List

wish list

As time goes by I have found that I would prefer to fork out on homeware items rather than buying new clothes. I think this is a sure sign that I am getting old!

I wish I had an unlimited budget because I would happily buy the contents of H & M home. But I have to limit myself, especially because we are off to Las Vegas next month!!! So I can but dream about my future Aladdin’s cave of homeware treasures.

Here are a few things on my current wish list…

1. Unicorn Puke Candle // 2. Succulent Pillow // 3. Letter LightsΒ // 4. Door Mat // 5. Miss Etoile Tea Pot

I need that door mat in my life. There have been far too many incidents when I have genuinely worried that I won’t have a home to come back to. And the Miss Etoile tea pot is so cute, I would use it as a vase.

What’s on your current wish list? What’s your go to website for all things interior?

Chloe x

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