Upcycling Furniture.

If you’re a first time home owner, building everything up from scratch can be costly. There are multiple things to consider such as fitting kitchens, tiling bathrooms or buying that really gorgeous and yet expensive wallpaper that you simply MUST have.  I predict that when I eventually buy my first home I will be living off tins of baked beans!

So, I have decided to be a little prepared by collecting cheap pieces of furniture from antique shops and then giving them a lick of paint to give them a whole new look.

before and after

I picked up this side by side for £20 and a coffee table seen in a previous post on how to decoupage furniture for just £5! I am really enjoying finding such unique pieces of furniture and upcycling them to put aside for my future home. The only trouble is that in my fully furnished flat I am starting to run out of room.

side by side


With this particular piece of furniture I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old Violet. I cannot recommend chalk paint enough. You don’t need to sand down the wood beforehand so it makes the process a lot more efficient. The paint also dries incredibly quickly which is great if you plan on doing a number of coats.

The only issue I found with this paint is that it has a very grainy finish, so if you’re looking for your piece of furniture to have a smooth and sleek finish I wouldn’t advise using this type of paint.

Would you consider buying something old and reinventing it? Do you have any tips as a home owner? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

Chloe x

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