Wire Signs DIY

I’m an avid user of Pinterest and after stumbling upon wire signs on a pin board I immediately fell in love.

I was directed to the Anthropologie website where unfortunately they were completely out of stock. My jaw dropped and for a moment I was gutted but then I thought why not give it a go myself. That way I can create something more personal like my favourite lyrics, a quote that inspires me or even something basic like ‘Welcome’.

That’s the beauty of DIY; you see something inspiring and then you put your own spin on it. If you were to create your own wire sign, what would it say?

wire sign diy

I have chosen to sculpt the phrase ‘ooh la la’ because I am currently revamping my dressing table and I feel that the sign on the wall above will make the space look even more chic.

This is a really simple DIY and all you really need is some modelling wire, some pliers (that also act as wire cutters) and a pen and paper.

Firstly I drew my design as close to scale as possible using only one pen stroke. This may take a few attempts to get right but it will be useful because you can figure out how to bend the wire so that all of your characters link together. Cursive hand writing works best and it looks attractive with lots of loops and swirls.

ooh la la

Then I uncoiled about an arm’s length of modelling wire and straightened it out as best I could with the pliers (truth be told, I got my boyfriend to help with this step, because this is the girl that once struggled to break a chocolate bar- cringe) .

Using my doodle as a guide I then started to curl the wire into the shape of my wording. I found it easier to use my hands to sculpt the letters and then the pliers to remove any kinks. For extra stability I would wrap the wire around some sections, for example on the letter ‘L’ when the loop met the straighter edge of the letter.

Once I was completely happy with my sign I added extra small loops to each side so that I could attach it with nails to the wall. Finally I used the pliers to cut the wire ready to hang on the wall.

goodnight sign

When you first attempt this DIY I would suggest starting with something small like ‘hello’ and then once you develop your technique you can go nuts. When I have my own house and I can hammer nails in freely I would like to have the quote ‘Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together’ by Elizabeth Taylor. How good would that look next to a dressing table or mirror?

If you give this a go please send me a picture so I can check it out. You can find me on Instagram or Twitter @cloclocreative use the hash tag #cloclocreative

Chloe x

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