Rental Sweet Rental

To be frank, rented spaces can be annoying and I for one cannot wait to get my own place. I can’t wait to splash a bit of colour on the walls and hang a picture without the worry of filling in puncture holes. However, having said that I also love how the limitations of my rental allow me to think outside the box and be creative with my decorations.

Here are a few little touches that have made my rented space seem a lot more inviting and somewhere that I feel proud to call home.

Glitzy Succulent

pot plants

You can’t go wrong with succulents; they are so easy to look after! (Especially if like me you forget to water them for over a week). I have a number of plants in different containers like tea cups and painted plant pots. They add a pop of colour to a drab looking window ledge.

I am also considering painting pots with blackboard paint to create a ‘memo board’, a unique way to remind myself that we need milk. Functional AND pretty, what more could you ask for?


revamp fridge

Stack a pile of your favourite books on your coffee table teamed with scented candles and coasters.

Collect postcards/ photographs and cut up old birthday cards to stick onto the fridge. My favourite site to get photos printed is Sticky9. This website allows you to create magnets, stickers and prints from your Instagram feed.

eiffel tower lamp

Who needs a feature wall when you have bold bedding? Although it can be pricey I feel that a fancy bedspread can make your bedroom look amazing, and with the right colour scheme you can create anything from cosy den in the winter months to a summery, chic boudoir. Just keep your boyfriend with his slimy pizza far far away.

If you enjoyed this post please leave a comment below. There will be lots more like this to come.

Thanks for reading.

Chloe x

3 thoughts on “Rental Sweet Rental

  1. Excellent ideas, love the thought of going beyond the constriction of a rental and making it personal! The blackboard paint sounds amazing, i didn’t know it existed!
    More posts please!



    1. Thank you! Blackboard paint is the best. You don’t need to sand down a surface beforehand, it dries really quick, and you can make your own! (which I am sure will feature in a future post!)


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